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  • Susan Grandfield introduces you to the people development solutions offered by SG Development Solutions.

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Mindfulness Training for Life, Work and Business


An enlightened approach to personal and business growth.

The key to success, well-being and happiness in life, work and business does not lie in your ability to achieve more nor does it come from gaining more knowledge or skills.  It is far simpler than that.  Success, well-being and happiness lie in approaching what you do with mindful awareness.  With a sense of clarity, focus and balance.

Mindfulness is an approach to how you live, work and interact with others which goes beyond simply learning a new technique.  Mindfulness is about thinking more clearly, being more present and developing a deep sense of trust and confidence in yourself and those around you.

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Regular 1:1 sessions will help you gain clarity, stay focused, challenge limiting beliefs, open up to possibilities, develop resilience and build confidence.

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Mindfulness Training

Through group or 1:1 sessions, taster session, team events or 8 week courses you will experience what mindfulness is and how to apply it to everyday life, work and business.

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Leadership Development

One-off workshops or tailored development programmes to help leaders and managers become clear on who they are as a leader, how to connect effectively with others and how to balance their priorities.

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