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Conscious Leadership – leadership for today

What happens when you bring 6 business owners and leaders together for half a day in a stunning location in the countryside of Perthshire? Inspiring conversations, insightful debate and a commitment to do something different is what you get!  And that is exactly what happened when I […]

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Should you feel guilty?

Guilt…..it’s a very powerful emotion.   It can hijack us, paralyse us and cause endless sleepless nights and it usually doesn’t work alone.  Alongside guilt we can feel stress, anxiety, sadness, anger or fear.  What a cocktail that is! But guilt isn’t all bad.   When was […]

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Mindfulness – what, how and why?

What is Mindfulness? How do I “do” it?  And why would I even bother trying? Here is a short series of videos* which answer these (and other) questions about mindfulness.  Take a look and get in touch if you have any questions that I haven’t answered here.  […]

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Can you handle the truth?

The truth about success, happiness, confidence, health and productivity is simple. You don’t need to spend lots of money learning how someone achieved their goals.  You don’t need to study for years to gain insight into what creates a successful business, relationship or life. The truth about […]

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A New Approach to Time Management

If, like many of us, you don’t always feel in control of your time this series of short videos on A New Approach to Time Management is just what you need! Take a look:      

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From Seeing to Noticing – what’s the difference?

How quickly do you go from noticing to simply seeing? I moved house 10 months ago and it has just struck me how quickly I’ve fallen into a routine.  Habits and patterns have already formed and I’ve lost that exciting sense of anticipation and wonder that comes […]

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Mindful Time Management

What is time? Is it just the numbers on a clock or is it something more than that?   Time management has been a staple topic on the training plan of most organisations for decades.  A recent Google search for “time management training UK” revealed 197,000 results!  […]

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Why are we killing time?

Time….. One of the most precious features of our daily lives and yet having too much time on our hands seems to be something we avoid.   There is an apparent paradox in our relationship with time. On one hand we talk about “killing time”, doing things […]

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Let’s get physical

Where is your body right now? Stop and look down. Where are you?   The answer is “here”.  The body can only ever be physically here i.e. in this present moment.  It can’t be in the past, it can’t be in the future.  It can only exist […]

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