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The true mindfulness app

“Meditation app Calm hits a $250M valuation amid an explosion of interest in mindfulness apps”     My first reaction to this headline was, “Wow!  I wish I’d come up with the idea for a mindfulness app a few years ago”.  Then my thinking shifts to…..  “Why […]

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Can you handle the truth?

The truth about success, happiness, confidence, health and productivity is simple. You don’t need to spend lots of money learning how someone achieved their goals.  You don’t need to study for years to gain insight into what creates a successful business, relationship or life. The truth about […]

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Stop striving, Start allowing

Is it possible to be successful without striving? The answer is a big resounding YES!   In fact, it is possible to be MORE successful AND happier and healthier if you allow rather than strive.   Here’s why….. Striving means to: exert oneself vigorously try hard make […]

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New year, Old you

You’ve probably heard the saying “New year, new you”.  Hailing the new year as an opportunity to cast off the old and create a new you.   It is a symbol of the fact that many of us have become obsessed with self-improvement.  There are whole industries […]

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New Year pressure

NEW YEAR……. A time for reflection.  A fresh start.   A time of change.  An opportunity for great things to happen.  The chance to change habits.   Over the past few years it has struck me how much significance we place on New Year.  It used to be […]

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Getting Curious about Change

Curious…..it’s a word I have grown to love.  Being curious (for me at least) means living in the question, exploring, enquiring, being interested in the “what if’s and being ok with not always knowing the answer.   When we experience change there is very often a degree […]

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Making big decisions, and dealing with the consequences

Have you ever made a decision and later regretted it?  Something more significant than choosing a salad for lunch and then wishing you’d gone for the pasta and garlic bread instead!  Something that at the time you knew was potentially life changing for you and/or others.   Something […]

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Procrastination by another name

I don’t procrastinate!  In fact I get frustrated with people who procrastinate.  I’m someone who puts their mind to something and then gets it done. Or am I? You see, it has just dawned on me that perhaps one of the reasons that I get frustrated when […]

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Make distraction a thing of the past

How much do you have on your to do list for this week?  How likely is it that you’ll achieve it all? If the answer is somewhat likely, not likely or absolutely no way, the chances are you are at the mercy of distractions.  Some of them […]

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