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Let’s get physical

Where is your body right now? Stop and look down. Where are you?   The answer is “here”.  The body can only ever be physically here i.e. in this present moment.  It can’t be in the past, it can’t be in the future.  It can only exist […]

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Making the most of your time

Are you making the most of your time today?   I’ve noticed that there are two approaches people tend to take when they want to “make the most of their time”.  One results in a feeling of contentment, balance, happiness and a feeling of being genuinely connected to […]

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Getting comfortable with chaos

How comfortable are you with chaos? You know that feeling that you are not in control of what is going on around you.   When you feel like everyone and everything is moving at speed and you can’t keep up.  When you don’t have a clear picture of […]

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Where’s the off switch?

One third of us can’t switch off from work…… …..due to the connectivity that technology gives us a fifth (18%) of people say they feel as though they are under surveillance. 17% say remote access to the workplace makes them anxious and impacts their sleep quality. 40% […]

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What is really going on?

When we are out there in the world, doing what we do, what is real and what isn’t? There has been a lot of media coverage recently about “fake news” and the fact that we can’t always believe what we read or hear.  You, like me, perhaps […]

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Having a difficult conversation (with a difficult person)

Why are some people, and some conversations, just so difficult to have? You’ve been in that situation I’m sure.  The one where you know you need to have a conversation with someone – your boss, a colleague, a family member, a neighbour or a friend – and […]

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Finding comfort in an age of disruption

We are living in an age of disruption.   Every day we are faced with news about a situation which has shaken up the status quo, which challenges our beliefs, makes us question where the world is headed and disrupts our expectations of the future.   It […]

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New year, Old you

You’ve probably heard the saying “New year, new you”.  Hailing the new year as an opportunity to cast off the old and create a new you.   It is a symbol of the fact that many of us have become obsessed with self-improvement.  There are whole industries […]

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Keep that holiday feeling

What is “that holiday feeling”?  What makes it different to the feeling you have when you are not on holiday? One thing might be the sense of freedom and choice you have when you are on holiday.  There is often a sense of less time pressure or […]

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