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Can Mindfulness really make you happy?

Almost a year ago I embarked on a journey of learning and self-discovery which has (without sounding too melodramatic) change my life!  It’s a bold statement and one that I do not use flippantly.  I have genuinely experienced a whole new way of being which has brought […]

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Building your Resilience

Your mind is a funny thing.  When something doesn’t go the way you planned your mind tries to work out why.  Now, sometimes your mind will identify very logical reasons why things went awry but most of the time the emotional part of your brain kicks in […]

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A life without regret

came across this piece of writing last year when I was participating in a Mindfulness programme and it really resonated with me. When you ask most people what they want to avoid in life, most people say “I don’t want to have any regrets”.  This piece highlights […]

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Why are you here?

Not you personally, but why is your organisation here? Does your organisation have a shared sense of purpose? The CIPD have just released research which indicates that, although there is not a direct link between organisational performance and having a shared sense of purpose, there are some […]

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