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Personal Development

Achieving your Goals

What is the difference between people who set goals and people who set AND achieve their goals?  The answer is those that achieve their goals are more FOCUSED. You see, just having a SMART goal written down is not enough, although it is a great (some might […]

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Do you have time?

Reflecting on the week I have just had, one thing stands out for me and it comes from various conversations I have had with people that I have met on my training courses, at networking events, chatting on line and so on.  The thing is that….most of […]

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Making the Transition

This month we are focusing on Dealing with Change.  The goal for our coaching session is to help you make a transition in in a specific area of your personal or professional life. To get the most out of this session, we recommend that you find a […]

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Learning in 3D

It doesn’t mean you put on those funny glasses when you go on a training course! 3D is starting to show its face in the world of training and development. It is the next logical step from virtual training where individuals log into a training session at […]

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Coaching through Transition, not just Change

Change is about more than just doing something different, it requires us to go through a transition.  That transition has to begin with “letting go” of the past before we can embrace or take on the “new beginning”. Our latest article on change has just been published […]

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What gets you out of bed in the morning?

We are all motivated by different things and some of us appear more motivated than others. Read on to find out more about what really drives you so you can start the year as you mean to go on! What is motivation? “The set of forces that […]

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Why are you here?

Not you personally, but why is your organisation here? Does your organisation have a shared sense of purpose? The CIPD have just released research which indicates that, although there is not a direct link between organisational performance and having a shared sense of purpose, there are some […]

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10 Tips for Success

10 Top Tips for Success Success Tip No 1 – “Set yourself a clear future picture”. Decide what success looks, feels and sounds like for you (personally and professionally) and focus on taking a step towards it everyday. Success Tip No 2 – “Learn to Unlearn”. Have […]

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