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Testimonials for SG Development Solutions


“You have been great to work with.  I was apprehensive about this project as I’m a Marketer not a trainer so didn’t know what I didn’t know.  You really help me though that and I’ve learnt a huge amount in the process.  You were incredibly focused and helped me to understand where I needed to focus myself”.    Kirsty Colbourne, Senior Manager, Commercial Marketing Transformation, Avon

“I have learned so much this week and not just from the subject matter.  Your presentation skills and ability to control the room and hold our attention has truly been a masterclass!  Thank you!  If only I could take you with me when I’m about to encounter difficult or challenging situations!”  Participant on Management Skills for Leaders programme, Avon Cosmetics

“Susan has taken Learning and Development to the next stage with the team at London County Hall Premier Inn. Susan’s understanding of the complexities of the organisation and the leisure industry as a whole allowed her to create tailored coaching activities to focus the leaders in the business on excellent performance.  Susan’s tireless efforts to get the preparation right and align her delivery to core ever-evolving business messages ensured the sessions had the right balance between theory – stretching the learning potential of the attendees – and the practical ‘get up and go’ approach required in this very dynamic and efficient business model.  I can easily quantify Susan’s contribution to the bottom line to be able to demonstrate return on investment on hard measures. Her influence will however go beyond the cold reality of numbers – long term my team is more equipped to deliver excellence, more self aware and more capable of acquiring further knowledge as a result of her contribution.” Nuno Sacramento, General Manager, Premier Inn

“Well presented course, lively and attention- grabbing.  Susan had a good grasp of how to apply training theory to every day situations.” Participant on Service Excellence workshop

“At the beginning of the programme I thought it was going to be the same as all my other customer service sessions.  But I was surprised it wasn’t.  I enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot more.  I felt Susan presented it well and made it a very relaxed atmosphere.  She was easy to listen to and this helped me take a lot more in.  I would recommend the programme in the future”.  Participant on Service Excellence workshop

“Really enjoyed this.  I feel I have gained confidence in communicating with clients both internally and externally.  I’m also far more customer focused.  Excellent!”  Participant on Service Excellence workshop

“Working with Susan has changed my life for the better. I feel more focused in my work life and my personal life. I have more confidence in myself; in social situations, work/meetings & when making decisions. I can now face tasks without stressing because I have learned how to think logically; and I can use my experiences to remind myself what works for me. Thanks for everything!”  Gemma Smith, Coaching client

“I have really benefited from Susan’s guidance and coaching. It was important for me to have an impartial professional assessment of my decision making processes in order to progress my thoughts in the right direction. I have gained valuable insight into how I make decisions and as such I am able to identify problem areas as they arise. This is helping me with more effective business planning. Thank you.”  Neil Fraser, Coaching client

“I found the experience helpful – at times you pushed me quite hard which I didn’t enjoy at the time but in reflection did get me to the answer I was looking for so overall the experience was positive for me.  The sessions helped me to a new awareness of myself and increased confidence.”   2012


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