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Can you handle the truth?

The truth about success, happiness, confidence, health and productivity is simple.

You don’t need to spend lots of money learning how someone achieved their goals.  You don’t need to study for years to gain insight into what creates a successful business, relationship or life.

The truth about achieving your goals is that it is all about attention and energy.

Energy follows focus.  Wherever your attention rests that is where your energy is going to go.

Try it out for yourself right now.  Stop reading and notice sounds you can hear around you; a ticking clock, people talking, music, traffic outside, your PC humming etc.  Now start rfocus 2eading again and notice how your attention is being distracted by the sound.  The sound was probably there when you first started reading but your energy was on the words so that’s where your focus was.  Now, your attention has somewhere else to rest and your energy is being diverted.

Training your mind, developing a different way to relate to the activity in your mind, is where success in life, work, business, relationships and health comes from.  And no one else can do that for you.

A lot of the time (up to 47% of our day) our attention is not on what we are doing.  It is usually worrying, planning, daydreaming, ruminating or some other equally unhelpful pastime.  What that means is we are wasting energy which could be better invested into decisive action towards our goals.

Train your attention to focus on what you want not what you don’t want.

The truth is as simple as noticing where your attention is at any given moment.  Checking in with yourself to see if that is a helpful place for your attention to be right now.  Then refocusing on whatever will help you achieve what you want to achieve in that moment.

The second truth is that you might have to do this hundreds of times a day to start with!  But as you do you build the muscle of attention in your brain which means that your focus stays in one place for longer and your energy towards that point of focus gets stronger.

What do you want more of in your life?  Notice how often your attention strays towards what you don’t want or to something that is contradictory to what you want.  The more you notice the more your energy will bring you back to your goal.


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