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Conscious Leadership – leadership for today

What happens when you bring 6 business owners and leaders together for half a day in a stunning location in the countryside of Perthshire?

Inspiring conversations, insightful debate and a commitment to do something different is what you get!  And that is exactly what happened when I ran the first Conscious Leadership workshop at Burmieston Farm last week.


The intention for the workshop was to create the space for leaders to gain clarity and a new perspective on how they are showing up in their business. It can feel lonely and, at times, overwhelming running your own business or being at the helm of someone else’s. So having the opportunity to come together, to debate, discuss, learn from and listen to each other is incredibly valuable.
As we talked, it struck me that, despite the diversity of businesses represented by those 6 leaders, there were three challenges which were common to all:

  1. Feeling guilty that they are not doing what they (or other people) think they “should” be doing to move their business forward.DSC_0123
  2. Difficulty defining a clear purpose for themselves within the business resulting in expending a lot of energy being busy rather than purposeful.
  3. Sustaining a healthy balance between driving the business forward and enjoying the fruits of their labour by allowing themselves time to re-charge, re-fresh or simply just be.


So, how does the Conscious Leader respond to these challenges? Well, that is exactly what we explored, over homemade muffins, tea, coffee and kombucha (a delicious fermented tea drink, a new one on me!).DSC_0124


The conclusion we came to is that it is simple (but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do!). It’s about developing a different level of awareness about what you do as a leader both in your business and in your life.


From a place of conscious awareness you have more choice and are in a better position to choose what is the right thing to do, at the right time and for the right reasons.


“The quality of results produced by any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate” Scharmer & Kaufer.

Through sharing examples from their own experience and being open to new perspectives from psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness the 6 leaders began to move towards a sense of what that means for them.


By the end of the workshop they all had a clear sense of how they can make changes which will enable them to deal with their challenges from a clearer, more focused and conscious state of mind. Just a few examples are:

  • valuing their own time as much as others and booking space in their diary to do something nurturing for themselves
  • mapping out the reasons why they do all of the things they do right now to help them define their purpose, become more focused and be less “busy”
  • integrating the different parts of their lives so that there is a flow between them rather than a conflict for time and energy


We finished the workshop off with a delicious lunch lovingly prepared by Keesje with ingredients fresh from her farm.



If you are interested in finding out more about Conscious Leadership take a look at my events page to see when the next workshop is taking place. If there isn’t a date or location that suits you, get in touch and I’d be happy to work with you to create a way for that to happen.

  1. Good blog Susan. I liked your video on conscious leadership. Interesting to hear you mention resilience, something we are hearing more often as the oil and gas industry starts to pick up.

    • Thanks Peter and good to hear things are picking up in the industry. You have all had a real test of your resilience over the past few years. The ironic thing is that to build resilience you need to face adversity and when you are facing adversity you need resilience! It all comes down to how you respond to the challenges life (and business) presents you with and something I notice (and which is definitely true of the oil and gas industry) is that nothing stays the same forever. Good times take a dip then the good times come back again. We need to learn to ride those waves and the more we do the stronger and more confident we become.

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