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Be Child-like (not Childish)

Do you ever (metaphorically of course) throw your toys out of the pram?  The answer is yes!  We all do from time to time.  We revert to our inner child and do a great impression of a 2 year old!

We may not throw ourselves on the ground, stamp our feet, kick and scream at anyone who comes near us but we do an adult equivilent of this childish behaviour.

  • We go silent.  tantrum
  • We say yes when we mean no.
  • We become vindictive (“how make him feel as bad as I feel right now?”).
  • We become selfish (“what does this mean for ME?”).
  • We tell ourselves that the world isn’t fair.


Guess what….these types of behaviours and thoughts get us exactly where the 2 year old’s tantrum gets them….no where!

How about if you adopt the mindset of being child-like not childish?

I love this idea.  I heard about it when I watched an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”) in which she talked about how we can connect with our inner child in a positive way.

Children are inherently curious and open-minded.  They don’t carry the expectations, preconcieved ideas and judgements around that we adults do.  They look for opportunities to have fun and to explore.  They love novelty and giving things a go (they don’t yet have that voice of doom which says, “you might fail”).

So, next time something doesn’t go your way, someone does something you don’t like or you feel like having a bit of a tantrum, pause and have a chat with your inner child.  Tap into its fun side, it’s wide eyed “what’s possible” side and see how things improve for you when you adopt a child-like approach versus and childish approach.


There are some great resources on my “Free Resources” page on managing your mindset and communication skills which you might find useful.  Take a look now.

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