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Being part of a group – why it’s so important to us

The inspiration for this blog is the fact that I have just had confirmation that I am now officially a member of the Mindfulness Association.  Why has that inspired me, I hear you ask?

The sense of belonging, of being connected to like minded people who share my passion and the recognition that they’ve allowed me “in” contributed to a feeling of contentment, confidence and excitement.MA logo

Contentment in that I am not alone and that there are other people out there who I can learn from, share my ideas with and build relationships with.

Confidence that I can stand up and be proud of my passion (and experience) of Mindfulness and in doing so inspire others to get involved, and perhaps even join our group.

Excitement because being part of a group is (in many respects) more powerful than operating alone.  The power of collective thought and collective action can be infinite, and so I am excited about what we can achieve together.

Along side these feelings, my membership of the Mindfulness Association and being part of this group reminded me of a piece of research I came across which highlighted the importance of social interaction.  The research found that people who felt isolated, who didn’t feel part of the group, experienced social pain and that social pain has exactly the same effect on the brain as actualy physical pain!

So, being part of a group is not just good for us in terms of what we can achieve and learn but also in terms of how we feel – emotionally and physically!

What groups do you belong to that have this effect on you?  What groups would you like to belong to that would enrich and connect you?


If you are interested in finding our more about neuroscience in everyday life, then take a look at my short video which takes the mystery and scariness out of science and makes it really easy to apply.

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