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Being part of a group – why it’s so important to us

The inspiration for this blog is the fact that I have just had confirmation that I am now officially a member of the Mindfulness Association.  Why has that inspired me, I hear you ask? The sense of belonging, of being connected to like minded people who share […]

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Let the Good Stuff Soak In

Picture the scene….you’ve come up with a great idea on how to streamline and improve a process at work. It is genius, you are really pleased with yourself and so you decide to share your ideas with a few people. The first 6 people you speak to […]

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Training your Mind for Success – Part 10 – The Value of White Space

What is going on in your head right now?  A list of tasks, a running commentary of what you are doing, memories of something that happened earlier, a new idea, questions about whether you have time to read this…. And that is just the stuff you are […]

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Get resilient about change

I had my resilience tested recently, two weeks in a row. I found my entire week being thrown into disarray when training courses that I was due to run were cancelled at the last minute (on one occasion I didn’t know this until I turned up at […]

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Training Your Mind for Success – Part 9 – Change

How well do you deal with change?  Do you take it in your stride or do you find yourself going in to an emotional melt down?  (or perhaps somewhere in between these two extremes!). ETC – is a simple 3 step dialogue you can have in your […]

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Decision making made easy

Wherever you are in the UK and possibly the world it will have been difficult for you to be unaware of the events that have happened here in Scotland over the past few weeks.  The Scottish Independence Referendum was an interesting, exciting and challenging time for the […]

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