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Formula for Change

I first came across this formula – D x V x F > R –  around 10 years ago when I was involved in rolling out a new performance management programme in a well known international hotel company…and it had a dramatic effect on how I approached […]

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Making the Transition

This month we are focusing on Dealing with Change.  The goal for our coaching session is to help you make a transition in in a specific area of your personal or professional life. To get the most out of this session, we recommend that you find a […]

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Learning in 3D

It doesn’t mean you put on those funny glasses when you go on a training course! 3D is starting to show its face in the world of training and development. It is the next logical step from virtual training where individuals log into a training session at […]

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Coaching through Transition, not just Change

Change is about more than just doing something different, it requires us to go through a transition.  That transition has to begin with “letting go” of the past before we can embrace or take on the “new beginning”. Our latest article on change has just been published […]

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