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Getting comfortable with chaos

How comfortable are you with chaos?

You know that feeling that you are not in control of what is going on around you.   When you feel like everyone and everything is moving at speed and you can’t keep up.  When you don’t have a clear picture of the way forward.

For some of us chaos feels like “Yipee! Woo hoo!  Let’s get involved” and for others of us it feels like “OMG, how am I going to get through this in one chaospiece?”

The reality is that this curious journey we call living isn’t without chaos.  Its periods of disruption and turbulence.

Pause for a moment and bring to mind some of the chaos you’ve experienced in your life so far: puberty….relationships…..leaving home…..starting work…..losing a job….losing someone close…..health……or whatever it is for you.

The awesome news is that because you are reading this you got through it.  No matter how tough, distressing or difficult it was – you made it!

Perhaps you made it through unscathed and have already integrated it into the bank of life events which have made you the person you are today.  Or maybe you carry some of the scars and are still processing what it means for you.

Becoming comfortable with chaos is about developing a state of mind which support, holds and nurtures you through those ups and downs.  It is about acknowledging the fragility of the human existence as well as the strength that comes with being  human.

It’s about something called equanimitythe quality of remaining calm and undisturbed; evenness of mind or temper; composure (Collins odivingnline dictionary).  Like the still calm depths of the ocean beneath the storm and turbulence on the surface.

How do you develop equanimity? 

Drop beneath the surface when you feel chaos brewing.  Just as you would put on your diving mask and sink down to the ocean floor to reconnect with the calmness and see clearly, you can drop into your body when you start to feel disrupted or off balance.

Your mind is where the real storm is happening and it has a powerful effect on how your body feels.  Shifting your focus inwards to your breath and your body allows you to take back some control.  Notice your breath, allow it to deepen slightly, feel your feet on the ground, notice how your centre of gravity moves from a busy, worried, stressed, thought filled mind to a grounded gently breathing body.  The mind can learn from the body.

The space that creates in your mind allows you to see the chaos more objectively, as a moment in time which won’t last but while it does you have an sense of inner calm which will help you though it.

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  1. An interesting blog Susan – makes sense when you push the pause button and take time to consider where the real storm is…

    • Thanks for your comment Peter. You are so right and when we do, we often realise the storm is not where we thought it was. Enjoy some pause time this week.

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