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Developing a Beginner’s Mind

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you will have heard me talking about Developing a Beginner’s Mind before. Let me remind you what I mean…..


Well, with every day that passes your brain is collecting data and information about how to interact with the world around you. Every interaction either strengthens an existing neural connection or creates a new one depending on how novel or unusual the experience is. The thing is, when you’ve been on this planet for a while you’re likely to have had a lot of experiences and so your existing neural pathways are getting stronger and stronger.


Great! It means you don’t need to keep learning how to do every day stuff like tie your shoe laces, make a cup of tea or drive your car. However, what it also means is that you can get stuck in a habitual pattern of doing things the way you have always done them without even being aware that is what you are doing!


Some of the time those habitual patterns will work well for you so it is not really a problem but the problem arises when you are unconsciously replaying those same ways of thinking and doing and the outcome you are getting is not what you or the people around you really want.


A Beginner’s Mind is one which is open, curious and not constrained by the past. It is one which is free from preconceived ideas and seeks the answer to questions such asbeginners mind

“what if….?”

“I wonder…..?”

“what assumptions am I making?”

“what options/choices do I have?”

“what have I not noticed?”


Developing a Beginner’s Mind requires you to step back from the habitual, pre-programmed ways of thinking and doing to clear away the haze that clouds your mind.


So, if you find yourself getting the same outcome time and time again and have become frustrated because it is not what you want, perhaps it is time for you to start asking those Beginner’s questions.


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