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Do you remember to remember your good intentions?

It is so easy to allow the things that nurture, nourish and energise us fall away when we get busy with life admin…..


…..the weekly shop, school runs, meetings, keeping on top of emails, doing the washing, taking the car to the garage, paying bills.  These are some of life admin that can distract us and take priority over the things that inspire, motivate and energise us.  The things we know make us feel good (which are also often the things we are good at).

I had a realisation this week that this is exactly what has happened to me recently.  I have simply forgotten to remember!remember

What do I mean by that?  Well, it’s so easy to forget what is important to us when we get busy.  We stop noticing.  We get caught up in the goal of completing our to-do list.  Or there is so much going on that our aim becomes simply to get through each day with some sense of achievement.

We forget to remember that time spent doing things that are good for us, is a good use of time.

That is where I found myself this week – in the midst of a number of projects which require a lot of my energy and attention right now.  Now, that’s not a bad thing.  In fact, when you are self employed having a number of projects on the go is a great thing!   I was getting up each day and working through a long list of tasks, totally focused on what I need to achieve.  Making progress, getting tasks completed and enjoying that sense of achievement. But….

…..what I noticed was that I had forgotten to give time and energy to my personal projects.  (That’s what I like to call the things I do which allow me to feel balanced, connected and energised).

One of my favourite personal projects is reading.  Sometimes I read to research a topic or to expand my knowledge and at other times I read simply because I enjoy how a good story or an engaging narrative can transport me to somewhere new and exciting.   Somehow taking time to pick up a book (an actual book) has a restorative effect on me.

What has a restorative effect on you?

When we are busy, distracted and on the go all the time we become depleted.  We need to balance that out with some nourishment.  Remembering  to nourish ourselves (mind, body and soul) enables us to be at our best more of the time.

Ironically, it’s when we have the least amount of time that we need to remember the most.

But here’s the thing…..if you don’t take time for yourself no-one is going to come and offer it to you.

You have to choose it for yourself.

So, now that I have I remembered to remember I am going to take time today to sit in my sunroom, on my favourite chair with a cup of coffee and a book.  I will sit there for 10, perhaps 20 or maybe even 30 minutes.  That’s the thing, if we put a time limit on this we don’t benefit as much from it.  I’ll sit there and notice how it feels to be fully present.  To be giving my mind and body a chance to catch up with itself, knowing that when I put the book down and head back to my office I will be in a more effective state of mind.

How could your mind, body and soul be rejuvenated, refreshed, reenergised by remembering to pause in your busy day?

If you’d like to get some tips on how you can remember to remember take a look at my short video blog…..


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