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Feeling disrupted

Have you felt disrupted?  Like you just didn’t know which way was up anymore?


When something you thought was real, solid and true turned out to be less certain than you first thought?  Maybe you can remember when you first found out that Santa Claus isn’t a real person or when you realised that your Dad doesn’t in fact know everything.   


Or maybe you, like many people, are having a growing awareness that the world is changing around us.


The result….a feeling of disruption.  And not just disruption in the external world – the kind of devastation we can see each night on the news or at any minute of the day on social media.  We can also feel disrupted on the inside.  When what we thought we knew (about someone, something, ourselves or the world) begins to appear a lot less certain.


It can happen in an instant through a sudden awareness or insight or it can happen over a period of time.  Gradually creeping up on you so that day by day you feel the shift happening.


I am in a period of disruption right now.  I’ve felt it for a while but I suddenly and very consciously realised it a few days ago.  The feeling has been a bit like walking on a rickety bridge.  Wobbly, a bit off balance, not so secure at times.  rickety bridge


Many of us have this experience at some point in our lives.  When we start a new job, or get promoted.  At the start of a new relationship.  Trying out a something new like playing a musical instrument or a new sport for the first time.  I would imagine having children also feels a lot like this!


It’s not necessarily a bad feeling.  Any of the above scenario’s are likely to be positive and have a lot of great feelings that come along with them – excitement, curiosity, wonder, joy.  However, it can also feel unstable at times (and sometimes for a long time) and that doesn’t always feel so great.


The thing about being on a rickety bridge is that you probably don’t want to turn back.  I’m thinking of Indiana Jones crossing a rope bridge across a deep ravine as is suddenly snaps, threatening to plunge him to the ground.  What does he do?  He focuses on the other side and doesn’t look back!


And so, whilst I am in this place of disruption on my rickety bridge, with the instability, self-doubt and questioning about how I see life, myself and my business, deep down I know that forward is the best way. 


I also know that this period of disruption is the gateway to something new.  New awareness, new experiences, new opportunities.


It’s challenging to see disruption as an opportunity when we are in it.  When we are feeling drawn towards the stability and certainty we had before we ventured out on to the bridge.  It takes courage and resilience to remain open to the experience and prepared to be with the feelings and thoughts that go with it (challenging as those may sometimes be).


What disruption are you experiencing?  What disruption are you avoiding because it feels too scary to step into the unknown?  And what if you knew that that bridge would hold you no matter what?  What would need to happen for you to take the next step?


Get in touch if you’d like to share your story of disruption……

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