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Finding comfort in an age of disruption

We are living in an age of disruption.


Every day we are faced with news about a situation which has shaken up the status quo, which challenges our beliefs, makes us question where the world is headed and disrupts our expectations of the future.disruption]


It is so easy to react to these situations with fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and even apathy.  It is understandable that many of us have chosen to turn off news updates on social media, stopped watching the evening news and refuse to get into discussions with friends about the state of the world.


However, we have another choice.  We can choose how we respond to the latest example of disruption rather than reacting from a place of fear or anger.  By consciously choosing to engage and respond to what we see and hear we put ourselves back in the position of power.


Instead of feeling powerless, we take back control and in doing so we can shift our perspective and perhaps even find some comfort in the disruption we are currently resisting.


Resistance is a waste of energy.  When we resist acknowledging or accepting something which is clearly happening we are channelling our energy in the wrong direction.  Instead of flowing with the energy we are trying to swim against it, like swimming upstream or against the tide.


Flowing with the energy is a far more effective way of responding to disruption.


Disruption gets a bad rap.  Many of us experience disruption as something to be avoided.  As something bad which makes us uncomfortable.  But what if disruption was a way of making things better?  What if by disrupting the status quo things could get better?


If we strip away the politics and the extreme nature of some of the disruption we have experienced recently (the Brexit vote, the Donald Trump presidency) what lies beneath is an energy.  An energy of change driven by a desire to make things better.  A recognition that the status quo isn’t working anymore.  A wish that things be better for a wider cross section of society.


How would it be if instead of flowing against the situation, you could flow with the energy of change and make a real difference to your’s and other’s lives as a result?


If you are a manager, leader, business owner, family member or part of a team, you have the opportunity to connect with the energy of disruption and turn it into the energy of innovation, change and creativity.


There has never been a better time to try something new.  It doesn’t have to be something that divides people.  It doesn’t have to be something which has a global impact.  It can be something small that brings people together.  Helps them to feel part of something good.  Gives them the opportunity to make a positive change.  Something which restores some sense of balance and optimism for the future.


So go ahead……be disruptive.  You can make a positive difference with the right intention.


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