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It’s all about balance

“I want to feel successful”, “I want to have new experiences”, “I want life to be fun”.

“I’m worried about the future”, “I don’t want my children to grow up in a world of fear”, “I feel like I’m missing out”.

Any of those thoughts sound familiar?  Many of us find ourselves caught in a tug of war between what we want and what we don’t want.  Driven to work hard to achieve success and to have a life full of fun experiences yet also fearful of what might stop that from happening, what might threaten that life we strive for.

The result……a constant feeling of not being quite happy enough with what we have right now, a feeling of  “I’ll feel like I’ve made it when….”, “Once I have x, then I’ll be really happy”.  Many of us are waiting for the next thing (experience, relationship, job, gadget) to make us feel content and happy with life and to take away those feelings of wanting and fear of not having.

It’s all a question of babalancelance though.  You see, mostly when we get that thing that we were waiting for, another thing takes its place and we are still left wanting!

This tug of war is setting many of us off balance.  Driven to succeed yet scared of what the future might hold.

However, as human beings we are evolutionary designed to seek balance.  Homeostasis is what regulates our temperature, the acidity of our stomach and various chemical systems in our body.  Our body seeks stability.

Where is the stability in our tug of war of life?  Well, it is about allowing ourselves to notice the times when we feel content, safe, happy.  When we are not striving to achieve something, not wishing to change anything and not worried about what might happen next.  When we are simply enjoying our experience for what it is.

For example, when we are laughing with our family or friends, giving someone a hug, sitting reading a book, walking in the park noticing the flowers, enjoying the feeling of the sun on our face, snuggling up to someone on the sofa, having a cup of coffee or whatever it is for you.  These kinds of experiences where we are simply enjoying the experience are how we regain balance.  A sense of being human and being content with what this moment brings.

It can be challenging to find or create these experiences at work because the workplace has become a place of fear and drive so the idea of giving ourselves time to do nothing is not valued in many organisations.  Yet, being off balance makes for a less than productive workforce in the long run.

So, make a commitment to yourself today.  Press pause for a few moments 3 or 4 times in your day to simple notice what is going on and bring to mind something which makes you feel content and happy, perhaps a photo of your children, looking out of the window at the sun (taking a walk in the sun is even better!), remembering a joke you shared with friends at the weekend or perhaps just noticing your breath and feeling grateful for that feeling.

Pressing pause will help you feel more energised, motivated, focused and ready to press play again and get back to doing what it is you need to do!

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