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Keep that holiday feeling

What is “that holiday feeling”?  What makes it different to the feeling you have when you are not on holiday?holiday feeling

One thing might be the sense of freedom and choice you have when you are on holiday.  There is often a sense of less time pressure or not having deadlines to meet and a greater degree of choice over what you do, when, where and how you do it.

That freedom and choice, whether we use it to its full potential or not, somehow seems to create a shift in mindset which changes our experience.

It’s true that whilst on holiday your environment may be different too and that in itself can create a new feeling.  Sitting on the beach looking out at the ocean certainly has a different impact on you than sitting at your desk looking out the window at the pouring rain.

But it’s more than that.  It seems that people shift into a different “mode” when they are on holiday.  A mode which is less about getting stuff done and more about simply enjoying the experience, whatever it is, to the maximum.  People engage with their senses more.  Breathing in the fresh air.  Soaking up the heat of the sun.  Listening to children laughing or birds tweeting.  Tasting new food.  Watching the world go by.

Pause for a moment and take yourself back to a recent holiday you’ve been on.  It may simply have been time off work at home, or it may have been in a new place.  Picture yourself there, bring back some of the images, sounds, smells, tastes.  As you take yourself back to that holiday, what do you feel?

Relaxed.  Happy.  Content.  Grateful.  Energised.  Excited……..?

Unless you had a bad experience on holiday it is very likely that these or similar words come to mind.

What if you could feel these kinds of feelings  more often and not have to be on holiday to feel them?

It’s not that you only feel those feelings on holiday, but what if you could bring more of them into your daily life more often?  Whilst you’re sitting at your desk at work, or driving to a client meeting, or doing the school run, or on your daily commute.  What impact would that have on you and the people around you?

So, how do you do it?

freedomNotice the freedom and choice you have in your everyday life.  Yes, there are lots of demands on your time, things to do and constraints that come with that in every day life, but there is also a huge amount of choice and freedom when you really look for it.

Starting with when you waken up in the morning,  how you start your day, the mindset you approach your day with, how you engage with others, what you eat for lunch/dinner, the way you manage your day and your time, right through to what you do just before you go to bed.

When you can shift into the mode of knowing you have freedom and choice in many things you do each day, it may not entirely feel as though you’re on holiday, but it can help to create those feelings of happiness, contentment and gratitude we get when we are.  And the knock-on effect……we keep that holiday feeling for longer.


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