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Let’s get physical

Where is your body right now?

Stop and look down. Where are you?


The answer is “here”.  The body can only ever be physically here i.e. in this present moment.  It can’t be in the past, it can’t be in the future.  It can only exist in this moment right here, right now.


The mind, on the other hand, can be anywhere but here!mind and body


So, where is your mind right now?  Possibly mulling over what you have just read.  And there’s a good chance that before you’ve finished reading this blog it will have skipped away into a day dream, into planning mode or been distracted by something happening around you.  In other words….not here!


The crazy thing is that we spend a lot of the time with our mind in the past or the future but the only time we really have any influence over is the present.  It makes sense, then to help ourselves be more present more often, doesn’t it?  And if the body is always present, there’s our answer!


The body is a gateway to the present moment, so when we tune our attention into how the body is physically feeling we automatically bring our awareness to what is going on here and now.


Why is that useful?


  • We make our best decisions when we are not caught up in the stories of the past or worries about the future
  • We see possibilities that we miss when our mind is somewhere else
  • We make stronger connections with people around us which improves relationships and
  • We build a more healthy relationship with our body when we tune into it moment by moment


Many of us live our lives from the neck up, missing out on the vast awareness that lies in the body.  Start tuning into how the body feels.  Not how you think the body feels but what the actual sensations are like.


When you feel tired, where do you feel tired? When you get angry, where does anger show up in your body? When you feel happy or content, what happens in the body?


So, get physical and start noticing what your body is telling you.


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