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Make the most of your morning routine

Marvellous Matcha Monday!


How has your week begun?  Was your Monday “marvellous”?  Or was it a bit more “meh”?


I had the loveliest start to my Monday today.  It had the perfect combination of connecting with lovely people, spending time outdoors in nature, learning something new followed by a great cup of tea (well, a bowl to be precise but more on that later!).


It has left me feeling energised, focused, motivated and inspired.  It has also got me thinking how important the way we start our week is to our energy, effectiveness, health and happiness.


Pause for a moment to bring to mind how your week usually starts. 


How is your morning routine?  Is it slow and sluggish?  Is it fast and frantic?  Do you feel anticipation or dread?  Do you put off getting out of bed for as long as you can?  Is there a last minute rush to get out the door because you get distracted?


My experience today may not be your cup of tea (literally!) but there are some key elements which you can apply to your morning routine to set you up for the day and leave you feeling energised, focused, motivated and inspired.  It really is about setting yourself up to have the best experience this week.


I met Beverly and Stephanie at The Scottish Tea Factory near Comrie at 9am.  After quick introductions we set off for a walk along a track which took us up for a lovely view over fields and hills.  Despite (and maybe because of) the rain it was a refreshing way to kick start the day.  After 20 minutes or so of walking and chatting, we headed back to the tea factory where Beverly took us through the ritual of making matcha tea*.


I was fascinated by the precise weighing out of the bright green tea (2g per person), balancing that with just the right amount of water (200mls) and even ensuing the water was boiled to just the right temperature (80 degrees).  Then there was the macha tea whisk which is used to create the silky, foamy texture followed by pouring into matcha bowls to drink our tea from.


It was a slower process than sticking a bag into a mug and waiting for the kettle to boil.  But rather than filling the time thinking about what I needed to do next, I found myself fully concentrating on the experience.  It was very mindful.


We then sat outside watching the weather change (as it does so often and so quickly in Scotland!).  As the sun came out and we sipped our tea I felt a peaceful energy inside me.  It was a odd feeling of calm, contentment coupled with an alertness and sense of focus.


I’m sure the tea itself had an effect on that (see here for more info on the benefits of matcha tea).  But it was also the ritual of making the tea.  The precision and the attention it required and the slowing down of something which we usually do quickly and mindlessly.  In reality, the whole ritual only took a couple of minutes so it’s definitely do-able even on a busy day.

How could you incorporate a ritual or routine like this into your morning? 


The thing with rituals and routines is that they make life easier for us.  Once they are established we do them without effort.  They do require discipline to get started though, so you need to be clear on why you are doing it if you are to put the effort in to establish one.


What I realised this morning was that taking something I would do anyway (make a cup of tea) and making it more meaningful and purposeful is a good starting point.


Simply slowing down and taking a few moments to appreciate the tea, the water and the way they make me feel when combined together in a drink.  The focus on measuring the tea, pouring the water and whisking the tea held my attention and meant I didn’t get caught up in worries, planning or daydreaming.  I was just paying attention to the smell and how the liquid changed as we worked through the process.

What do you do every morning which you could make more meaningful and purposeful?


  • Walking the dog,
  • Taking a shower,
  • Making a cup of coffee,
  • Walking to work or the train station,
  • Eating breakfast……


You are doing these things anyway and each has the potential to enrich your life physically, mentally or emotionally.  So, why not pay a bit more attention to it.  The extra 5-10 minutes it might take to slow it down and notice what you are doing will be worth it.  I guarantee it!


My day has been more productive and more enjoyable as a result of Matcha Monday.  I fully intend to join Beverly and Stephanie and anyone else who chooses to come along next Monday.


*Matcha is a Japanese green tea which is full of antioxidants, way more than most of the superfoods you might have heard of.  It boosts your energy and is brilliant for concentration and focus.  Find our more here….https://matchasource.com/health-benefits-of-matcha-tea/


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