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Making the most of your time

Are you making the most of your time today?


I’ve noticed that there are two approaches people tend to take when they want to “make the most of their time”.  making most of time

One results in a feeling of contentment, balance, happiness and a feeling of being genuinely connected to whomever and whatever we are with.  The other results in feelings of pressure, expectation, comparison and a feeling of being inadequate.

Which do you create?

We create our experience by how we think about it.  Plain and simple.  What can happen when we start thinking that we want to make the most of our time is we set a bunch of expectations for ourselves about what “making the most of it” means.

Maybe it is about having as much fun as possible.  Maybe it’s about relaxation.  It could be that we want to learn as much as we can.  Or we might want to savor the experience so that we can remember it for years to come.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun, to relax or whatever.  But it’s useful to be aware that thinking about the experience can actually detract from it.  We can get caught up in comparing our experience with how we wanted it to be or how other people’s experience seems to be.  We can feel pressure to live up to the mental image we have created for ourselves.

A far simpler and more effective way to make the most of your time is to just notice what is happening while it’s happening.  

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee can be a wonderful experience if we notice the smells, tastes and emotions it evokes.  Listening to someone talking can be an inspiring experience if we tune into what they are saying and how they are saying it.  Walking can be an extremely relaxing or energising experience if we feel how our body moves, feel the weather on our skin, notice the sights and sounds around us.

The point is that when we strive to maximise what we want to get out of an experience we divert our attention away from the actual experience.   When we allow ourselves to be more aware of each moment of time we find all the fun, relaxation, learning, enjoyment, contentment, excitement we will ever need.

So, how will you make the most of your moments of time today?




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