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Mindfulness Training

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Mindfulness is a way of being.  It is an approach to life in which you develop your ability to focus, to stay balanced in times of change and are able to fully appreciate what you are doing while you do it.  We all have the innate capability to be mindful but in the busy, time pressured world we live in, many of us have lost touch with it.


In the face of constant change, resilience and learning to manage the frequent distractions and pressures of daily life and work is critical to our success.  We can’t learn it from a book, nor can we develop it overnight.  It is like anything that is worth doing, mindfulness requires effort, focus and support.


Research has revealed a strong correlation between mindfulness and:

  • well-being and mental health
  • focus and concentration
  • emotion regulation
  • resilience
  • memory and cognitive functioning


In organisations, mindfulness has been found to have a positive impact on:

  • well-being and stress management
  • leadership presence
  • employee engagement
  • decision making
  • creativity


Watch a talk in which I answer the questions – what is mindfulness?  why will it be of benefit to me?  how do I do it?


My own research found that people experienced a greater sense of confidence, energy, clarity and focus after a short mindfulness programme.  They found that the every day stresses still existed by that they were able to approach them with a different mindset which made them more resourceful.


“I kind of feel that it is like restarting the computer.  It’s the same stuff, it’s the same computer but it runs more smoothly”.

“It’s the fact that you can stand on the outside of the situation and observe it”

“I’m slowing down and it is actually giving me more time”

“….. it’s a part of being self aware, how you are and how you act in situations, how you think about the situations, how you let them affect you in a way……you feel like you’re more in control”

“I think what mindfulness does for me is it gives me a greater clarity about what matters in the first place”

Read more about the research I’ve carried out here:

“Impact of Mindfulness on a Manager’s Experience at Work”

“Mindfulness and Time Management: A Summary”

“Is there Time for Mindfulness in Business?”

Or , if you would like to introduce mindfulness to your business or organisation, here is an example of a taster session you might consider offering:

Pressing Pause: everyday mindfulness


I am very pleased to be a registered mindfulness teacher on the UK listing of qualified teachers.

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