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New year, Old you

You’ve probably heard the saying “New year, new you”.  Hailing the new year as an opportunity to cast off the old and create a new you.


It is a symbol of the fact that many of us have become obsessed with self-improvement.  There are whole industries out there just waiting to help you improve yourself.  Gyms, personal trainers, life coaches, books, on-line courses, personal shoppers and even blogs on how to “reinvent yourself”.  Umpteen ways to develop a “new you” for the new year.


But what about the “old” you?

new year new you 2

It is all too easy to get caught up in a cycle of comparing ourselves with others or with an ideal version of ourselves and wishing we were different in some way – thinner, fatter, fitter, more talented, more outgoing, less impulsive….(insert your own words here).  The society we live in perpetuates this cycle.


How does getting caught up in that cycle make us feel?  Inadequate.  Unsuccessful.  Unhappy.  Anxious.  Sad.  Frustrated.  Helpless.  Apathetic.  Worthless.  Aggitated.


The crazy thing is that the old you is amazing!

It has:

  • got you to where you are today.
  • got you through school, perhaps university or college too.
  • made friends, some that you may have known for decades by now and are still as close to as ever.
  • found you a job, which (whether you love it or not) pays the bills and has enabled you to do other cool stuff.
  • taken you on adventures and created ideas.
  • supported many people over the years just by being there.
  • brought joy and happiness to more people than you can count (on 1 hand at least!).
  • encountered challenging times and overcome them.
  • loved and has been loved.


What an incredible person you are!


So this year, instead of focusing on all of the things you want to make you and your life better, take some time to acknowledge what you have and who you are.  Maybe you’ll save yourself some time and money when you realise you don’t need to improve yourself.  You are great the way you are.


Please share this post with someone you know who doesn’t realise how amazing they are :-)

  1. Fabulous. Loving the old and existing us!

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