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New Year pressure

NEW YEAR……. A time for reflection.  A fresh start.   A time of change.  An opportunity for great things to happen.  The chance to change habits.


Over the past few years it has struck me how much significance we place on New Year.  It used to be (in my younger days!) the significance was about where to be as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, or Hogmanay as we Scots call it.  It was important to be out on the town or at a great house party with lots of friends and lots of drink.

More recently, as many friends have small children and wild parties are (for now) a thing of the past, the significance I am noticing is centred around making the next year “the best year yet“.

new year new you

There is no shortage of people writing about how to make 2017 your best year yet in business, in relationships, in health and fitness, in spiritual growth and so on.  Urging you to set goals, write a plan of action, visualise what your year will look like and buy the latest book/gadget/subscription to help you do so.



It’s no surprise that gyms are at their busiest from 2nd -20th January.  This is prime “taking action” time as people focus on being how they want to be in the coming year.  Sales of self help books rocket.  App downloads for monitoring your exercise levels or for meditating increase.  More people sign up for courses than at other times in the year.  I bet even stationary sales increase as people buy diaries, notepads, coloured pens and white boards to record all of their goals and aims for the year (or maybe that just me!).

The problem with all of this new year activitity is that it often comes from a place of good intention but lack of strong motivation.  And you need both to make a change.

That is why it is best (in my view) to get into action mode on the 1st February, 1st May or even the 31st December.  Get into goal setting and doing mode when you FEEL like it, not just because it’s the first day of a new calendar year.  You can make any day the start of your commitment to change in your life.

Motivation is not something that comes from thinking about what you want to do.  We can all convince ourselves on paper that we should eat more green veg, move more, be kind to others, save for the future (or whatever it is for you).  All of those rational reasons are not enough.  You have to FEEL like it.  And I don’t just mean a notion that today you feel like eating broccolli.  I mean tune into how your body responds when you imagine making the change you want to make.

I can’t tell you what it will feel like for you.  You will know when it’s the right day for you if you pay attention.

So, on 31st December 2016 instead of reflecting on the year gone by and creating an ideal future 2017.  Make a commitment to be fully present in each of the next 365 days and allow your “new year” to start at a time that it right for you.


Please share if you know of someone who starts the new year by making a resolution they never keep :-)

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