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Procrastination by another name

I don’t procrastinate!  In fact I get frustrated with people who procrastinate.  I’m someone who puts their mind to something and then gets it done.

Or am I?

You see, it has just dawned on me that perhaps one of the reasons that I get frustrated when I see other people procrastinating, putting things off, not taking action, is because they are in fact mirroring back to me something that I do myself but that I am in denial about!

Here I am with lots of work to do on updating my social media pages and I have managed to spend most of the day finding something else to do instead.  This is not new to me, in fact there are a few things which create this sort of behaviour in me (including a large pile of ironing and cleaning out the oven!), but when it comes to important work related activities I have always thought of myself as being an efficient and proactive pprocrastinationerson.

Today, I have expertly managed to convince myself that I am not NOT taking action, but that sitting here thinking about what I need to do is fundamental to ensuring the task gets done right when I finally get around to tackling it (that’s the perfectionist in my talking!).

Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you kid yourself in the same way I do? Telling yourself that you are not putting the task off but that you are doing something else which is equally as important?

What are you putting off today?  And how have you convinced yourself that you are not really putting it off and therefore made it feel ok to have not done it?

Whatever we call it……we ALL procrastinate!  We all come up against stuff which takes effort (mental, emotional or physical) to do and sometimes we are just not in the right place to give it that energy.  As long as we are not harming anyone else by putting it off, as long as we are not making someone elses life more difficult because of our inactivity, maybe we should cut ourselves a bit of slack and allow ourselves to be distracted by something less demanding once in a while.

The important thing is to notice what we are doing and to call it what it is!  It’s better to procrastinate and know that is what we are doing than to procrastinate and convince ourselves we are actually being productive!

So, my advice to you….take more notice of what you are doing and acknowledge it for what it is!  Perhaps even smile or laugh with yourself when your realise you have gone into self-deception mode and are not being entirely honest with yourself.

Seeing our experience clearly is the ultimate key to effectiveness and productivity.  If we are seeing our experience through a filter we limit our choice about what to do.  If we lift that filter, if we look directly at what we are doing (or not doing), we open up our choices.

Now that I see clearly that my “planning” is in fact putting off working on my social media pages I can begin to shift my energy away from the real procrastination and on to something which will be a step towards my goal….writing this blog!

What can you now see clearly in your experience…….?


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