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Step Away

Has anyone ever told you to “get some distance” between you and a problem or difficult situation you’ve been dealing with?   Or maybe you have instinctively known that you needed to get away from something that is troubling you. And if you have ever done it, you’ll know how physically taking yourself out of a situation enables you to get a different perspective on things.


Now, it’s not always possible to get up and leave a difficult conversation for example or to pack your bags and head off into the sunset when the kids are driving you mad! However, the principle still applies.


When we are feeling overwhelmed by a challenging situation at home, at work or because of those two worlds colliding, what happens is we get sucked into it and get pulled further and further down into the feelings of stress, panic, anxiety, frustration, anger or whatever feelings overwhelm ignites in you.


What we need to do is catch ourselves before we get caught in that downward spiral and lift ourselves above and out of it, because once we are caught in it our emotions take over and our thinking becomes clouded and perhaps even irrational.movie screen


If you can’t physically get out of the situation you are in, if the things that are causing you to feel overwhelmed need your attention now then you can still create the distance you need by imagining that you are watching what you are experiencing on a movie screen.


Imagine you are sitting in the theatre watching your experience playing out on the screen. Now you are the audience, you are an observer on the scene instead of being in the middle of it.


This creates the distance you need to gain a new perspective on the situation and that new perspective enables you to generate a more effective way to proceed. What is going on in your brain is that you are activating the thinking, decision making, analytical parts of your brain and at the same time allowing the emotional parts to calm down.


So, in the future you have a simple and effective way of stepping back and creating the distance you need to rise above the overwhelm.

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