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The Conscious Leadership Community


We are experiencing unprecedented change and uncertainty in life and in business.


The effect on leaders and business owners is that many of us are operating from a state of fear and unease, feeling buffeted from one challenge to the next, struggling to maintain a clear picture of the future for ourselves and our business and often misdirecting our energy and attention.

But……there is a different way to be in business.

  • A way in which you feel confident, resilient and focused.
  • A way in which you are able to make the right choices at the right time and for the right reasons.
  • A way in which you create a positive impact on those you interact with as an individual and through your organisation.


It’s called Conscious Leadership.


Why is Conscious Leadership critical to business right now?

The way many of us are working is not sustainable for us, for our business or for society.  Stress levels have never been higher due to an imbalance in the time, energy and focus we are putting into our business.  There are so many priorities and not enough time to achieve them.  Expectations from customers, suppliers and stakeholders are increasing but there is a lack of people and resources to meet those expectations.  And 24/7 connectivity means we are less and less able to switch off and re-charge and this is creating a deficit in our energy reserves.


What is Conscious Leadership?

  • A response to this current business context
  • Having a clearer sense of focus and awareness to enable you to invest your time, money and energy in the right place at the right time
  • Being more confident in your decision making and the impact it has on others
  • Building stronger connections which help you grow your business sustainably
  • Developing powerful insight and a deeper access to your personal wisdom
  • A way to enhance your personal satisfaction and well-being


What is the Conscious Leadership Community?

It is a collective made up of small groups of business owners, managers and leaders who recognise the importance of taking time out of their business to gain perspective, to re-focus and re-charge.


The purpose is:

  • To provide business leaders and owners like you with a space in which you can step back from the relentless pace of business and work.
  • To offer a framework from which to see clearly; what is not serving you or your business, where you are misdirecting your time and energy and identify where you need to be focusing your attention.
  • To support the creation of sustainable, profitable and purposeful businesses in Scotland.
  • Fundamentally, the community is all about giving you the opportunity to Press Pause.


How it works:

Becoming part of the Conscious Leadership community provides you with personal and professional development in a variety of ways.  It begins with a 6 month experience of workshops, coaching and regular updates on the latest insights into conscious leadership.


Each group meets every 6 weeks for a half day workshop.  Each session will have a different theme or topic which will form the basis for group discussion, peer to peer coaching and individual reflection.  The sessions are facilitated by Susan Grandfield who is an experienced coach, facilitator and business owner.


You also have the opportunity for three 1:1 coaching sessions with Susan.  These are all about you.  You choose the area you’d like to focus on such as: business development, personal development, generating new ideas for your business, dealing with challenges, building relationships etc.  These sessions are powerful and crystallise what you gain from the group workshops into practical, tangible steps forward.

Thought provoking resources

In between workshops and 1:1 sessions you will receive regular resources such as articles, links to videos and blogs to stimulate your creativity, offer you new perspectives and keep you up to date with the latest thinking in conscious leadership and conscious business.

Staying connected

Staying connected with the rest of the group and continuing to benefit from their experience and wisdom happens through the Facebook group. Here, you can pose questions, share resources you have found useful and offer or ask for support from each other.

Annual Gathering

There will be groups running in parallel over the course of a year.  So, once a year all of the groups come together as one big collective to connect, share ideas and learn from each other. This is a fantastic networking opportunity as well as a way to expand your awareness and be inspired by what other businesses are doing in and around your area.


All of the face to face events happen at the beautiful Burmieston Steading in Perthshire.  It is the perfect location to press pause, step away from your business and re-connect with space, nature and great food!

Join the Conscious Leadership Community

Come along to a taster workshop on 12th September to have an experience of what the CLC is all about.  In this half day workshop Susan will invite you to explore what conscious leadership is and what it looks like in practice for you. Through discussion, questioning, challenge, opening up to new perspectives and tuning into your inner landscape she will help you begin to experience what this means for you and your business.

This workshop is just £85 which includes morning tea/coffee and a delicious lunch.  Book your place now:


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