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What is Mindfulness?

You’ve probably heard of it but do you really know what mindfulness is?  Here are some thoughts which might help you get your head around it (no pun intended!).

Mindfulness is an innate ability that we don’t use very often, but if we did, we could help ourselves to be more focused, more effective, less stressed, less reactive, more considered and considerate and ultimately happier!

That is the good news…..you have the ability to be mindful, it’s natural to you, it’s good for you and there have been many times in your life when you have been mindful.

There isn’t any bad news as such, but the reason so many people are talking about it is that many of us don’t take advantage of this natural ability and as a result are missing out on those self-generated benefits.

Mindfulness is simply about paying attention.  We can all do that right?  Well…..not always and many of us are finding it increaspast present nowingly difficult to pay attention because there is so much going on around us and inside our head!  Distractions are everywhere!  Have you found a way to get rid of them?  No, me neither.

So, what if there was a way to manage those distractions better?

What if the ringing phone, text alerts, diary reminders, demanding customers or boss, worries, thoughts, difficult conversations were still there but that YOU were able to deal more confidently and effectively with them?  What if you could feel more focused, more effective, less stressed, less reactive, more considered and considerate and ultimately happier?

The even better news is….you can!  Mindfulness is something you can start applying right now to how you approach simple distractions like not picking up your phone as soon as you hear a new email or text message alert and to bigger disctractions like managing your worry and anxiety about a difficult conversation or tough decision at work which are preventing you from sleeping.

Learning about and practicing mindfulness is not so much about learning something new but more like brushing up on something that at one time you found effortless and natural.

Sound good?

You can get started by following the 10 simple steps in my “Pressing Pause” ebook.   You’ll see where to download it here…..

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