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What is really going on?

When we are out there in the world, doing what we do, what is real and what isn’t?

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about “fake news” and the fact that we can’t always believe what we read or hear.  You, like me, perhaps were already slightly sceptical of what you got from the media anyway.  But this idea of fake news that millions of us buy into has got me thinking about what is “real”?

How do I know that what I see when I look out my kitchen window (which is a stunning view of the Scottish mountains by the way) looks the same to my husband when he looks out of that same window?  How do I know that when I explain a new concept to a group of people attending one of my workshops that their mental image of it is the same as mine?  How do I know that chocolate tastes the same to you as it does to me?

It might sound like an oddReality thing to wonder, but it comes from an awareness that I am developing about just how different the world can look, feel and sound to each of us.

Conversations/debates/arguments we have with others when we just can’t agree with each other are one way those differences play out.  Both truly believe that their point of view is right/true/real.  How can than be?  How can two people with two opposite views both be right?

One such conversation that I can recall was about the colour of a cushion!  Yes, you read correctly.  The cushion was blue to me but my friend was adamant it was green.  Who was right?  Well, if we believe the shop assistant I was because she agreed it was blue.  But what if that is just an example of “fake news”?  Because the manufacturer says it’s blue does that make it blue for everyone?

The point is…..none of us can truly know that how we experience the world around us is the same as how others experience it.  So, when it comes to communicating with others – friends, family, colleagues, bosses, team members – it pays to remember that reality is made up!  It is how things appear to you, but only to YOU!

Having a curiosity about how other people see the world, asking questions to get an insight into their experience and checking-in with yourself when you disagree with someone are useful ways to open up your mind to the wider possible reality that is going on around you.

Imagine how many disagreements could be averted, relationships could be healed and ideas could be explored if we stepped out of our fixed view of what is real and what is not and simply saw what IS in each moment!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, especially if your view is different :-)

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  1. I totally agree with you.

    Have you ever read Unaccompanied Sonata by Orson Scot-Card?

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