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Why do the colours change in autumn?

Look around you, what do you see?  If you can see outside, take a look, what do you notice…..does the scene you are looking at look the same as it did last month or the month before?

The chances are that whatever you are looking at, inside or out, that it doesn’t look the same as it did some time in the past.

As we move from spring, to summer, to autumn, to winter, there are a multitude of changes going on all around us.  And it’s fascinating isn’t it?  How the natural world around us changes and transitions constantly.  Every day changes are happening.  And it is something we just accept as natural and part of the evolution of time. Autumn

The trees don’t try to hang on to their leaves, the birds don’t persist in trying to get worms out of the grass, the sun doesn’t try to stay up a few hours longer.  Yet, when it comes to us, sometimes we can find ourselves resisting change and trying to hold on to things.

What can we learn from the natural world?

Well, change is inevitable and a natural part of development.  Granted, sometimes we don’t choose the changes that happen to us and sometimes we don’t particularly like them.  However, just as the trees accept that they will have to lose their leaves once a year but know that they will grow new leaves in a few months, we have to accept that we will have to let go of stuff we enjoy to make way for a new situation to emerge.

So, wouldn’t it be great to find a way to make those transitions in our lives as easily as the trees seem to make their transition from summer to winter?

Well, there is a simple way to reduce the stress, frustration, angst, sadness or worry from change and increase your feelings of openness, awareness, acceptance and curiosity about change.

The simple message is, change your thoughts, change your experience.  It really is that simple.  Imagine if that tree outside your window thought that it would never ever grow new leaves, what effect would that have on its feelings about letting its current leave go (if trees could feel that is!!).  Instead, the tree is programmed to accept that its leaves will drop but that new leaves will grow.  They will be new leaves, different leaves but they will have leaves again.

I wonder what would happen if you took this approach to thinking about a change that you are experiencing?  Rather than thinking about it as losing something, perhaps think about it in terms of what you might gain or what new stuff might emerge for you.

I suspect that you would feel less discomfort about letting stuff go, wouldn’t you?

Less worried about the transition and perhaps even excited about the future.

It is so amazing to realise that our thoughts create our reality and just be choosing different thoughts, we can experience a different reality.

Go on, try it!  See what happens.

If you are going through a transition right now and would like to explore how you can make it easier, less stressful or challenging, then get in touch – susan@sgdevelopmentsolutions.com or 07940386358.

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