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Why do we train our body but not our mind?

Since the start of the year, Personal Trainers everywhere have been inundated with new people signing up to trim some of the excess that has built up over the festive season, to get back in shape, to get more energy and to feel better about themselves.

Whilst not everyone who signed up on the 1st January will still be training their body by the 31st December, the point is that more and more of us are recognising the need to train our body and the benefit of learning how to do that effectively from a qualified instructor.mind training

Why then….do we not have the same approach to our mind?

Have you ever considered the need to train your mind?  Do you know what the benefits might be?

Let me share a secret with you…..you don’t need to buy any new gear to do it, you won’t have someone shouting at you to do more/better/faster and you won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to sprint up a hill in the rain whilst someone times you!

Training your mind simply involves giving yourself the opportunity to notice what is going on in your mind more clearly.  It’s a bit like taking a seat at the theatre or cinema and watching what is going on in your mind as if it is projected onto the screen in front of you.  As you do that more and more often you will notice that it is the most repetitive film you’ve ever seen!  The same stuff keeps happening!  You’ll probably also notice how much is going on all at once, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the storyline!

Some how stepping back from the movie and soundtrack in your mind helps you to get a different perspective.  You see the patterns of behaviour that you keep repeating, hear the often negative and self-deprecating tone of your inner voice and feel the constant flow of thoughts and feelings which sometimes makes your head hurt!


Training your mind starts with simply observing, as a member of the audience.

Think about it, as a member of the audience do you ever hear yourself giving the characters advice or telling them what to do?  Find yourself becoming frustrated because you can see the way out but they can’t?  Feeling that the “who dun it” is so obvious but the people in the movie just can’t seem to see what is right in front of them?

Training your mind is about adopting a perspective which gives you the insight, clarity and awareness that you don’t have when you are in the story.

Training your mind is about getting more focused, leaner, building good habits and taking care of yourself…..just like training your body.

So, whether you are one of the millions who have signed up for personal training or not, maybe it’s time to think about giving your mind a bit of a workout?


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